The way is long and tortuous. At times the trail is obscured. And I have no idea when I might reach my destination. I am hopeful that at some point I will be aware that I have arrived. But up to that point I expect no indication that it is coming close.  The destination itself is a mystery.

Make no mistake, there is joy and fulfillment to be found along the way but whether any of that is relevant to the journey itself or to the final destination remains to be seen.

Somewhere inside each one of us a light flickers and burns. In some it appears to burn more steadily and more brightly than in others. In some it flickers and starts – bursting into brightness for long moments before almost extinguishing itself.

It is that inner light that catches my interest. Sometimes it seems as though the light responds to conscious thoughts and feelings. At other times it seems quite independent. Mysteriously our own light seems more apparent to others than to ourselves. When we try to look through squinted eyes it somehow becomes invisible.

But it does leave clues. A trail for us to follow if we are perceptive enough.

Steve Roberts, January 2007.